Privacy Policy

How does [] protect your privacy?

Dear users

As you probably know, you leave 'traces' of all sorts of personal information when using the Internet. It is our duty to protect your data and inform you about the way we treat the data you supply when personalising the platform.

Our golden rule

We will never pass information on to a third party, unless you expressly authorise us to do so. As a user of, you will have the right to examine the data we have gathered on you and to ask for their deletion at any time.

Our aim

We endeavour to provide our customers with an optimum information service. Certain information you provide helps us do this, allowing you, for example, to find a website that meets your personal needs when you call up the homepage. If you wish to use free services, we ask for personal information. Creating a personal user account makes it possible for you to benefit from a number of services without having to enter your data for every service that you wish to use. A so-called cookie will be installed on your hard disk when you access, which is able to recognise users and to assign their personal data.

Targeted banner advertising

From a marketing point of view, a service that can assign its users to a target group according to specific criteria is, quite obviously, of great interest. Today, is already able to display banner advertising corresponding to terms entered in the search box. The targeting criteria can even be refined if, for example, the age or interests of the users are known. In this way, the data that you make available to us can be used for targeted advertising campaigns. However, we will never pass this data on to a third party.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.