IT Staffing

Looking for staff?

itship GmbH eases the burden of identifying the right IT freelancer – with the right skills, background and personality – for a variety of short and long-term international assignments
Staff recruitment can be a highly complex process and requires a great deal of careful planning. Why? Because it affects the methods used to source, screen and select potential candidates – who will invariably come from a variety of backgrounds (specialist field, culture, personality, etc). In some instances recruitment is a last-minute process announced at very short notice. In fact there is often no time at all for planning. Frequently, the reason for the urgent request is that the IT expert that the client needs is extremely specialised, perhaps an IT freelancer with the type of skills that are difficult to track down. So if successful and effective hiring is important to your IT projects, it makes sense to seek support from a partner.
The benefit to your company:
everyone can keep focussing on the core business, safe in the knowledge that they can rely on a professional partner to improve their business flexibility.